Newsletter - Spring 2019 Edition All the latest from Aquiss

Aquiss Rebranding

February saw us introduce a brand new refreshed look right across Aquiss, including new logos and colours. This represents a much more bolder branding than in the past, but reflects the broader direction of services that we now offer to both consumers and businesses.

If you have not yet seen these changes, you will see them shortly as we have applied the new branding right throughout our customer portals, billing services, emails communications and social medias platforms.

We loved our old hand, but after 16 years, it was time to wave it goodbye, a moment that oddly proved quite an emotional change for some staff.

New Invoice and Quote Designs

Talking of new designs, we are pleased to announce largescale improvements to the formatting of invoices and quotes that you receive from Aquiss, that naturally include our new branding.

This long overdue improvement, improves the visual appeal of online portals, emails and .pdf invoice copies that we send out, in a new smarter, easier to read format, that customers should find more logically set out.

Direct Debit Management

Continuing the billing theme, we have given parts of our eBilling portal an overhaul, including the reworking of Direct Debit mandates management, which are now much easier to setup and manage but more importantly, you can also have multiple mandates in place listed on your account, which was a highly requested upgrade from customers.

You can review, add, change and cancel your Direct Mandates with ease by logging into and clicking on Billing -> Manage Direct Debit

Domain Names

One area that Aquiss customers are often unaware of is that we offer domain names at prices comparable to market leaders in the field. In fact, we have seen large amount of transfers to Aquiss because are telling us we are cheaper than a lot of other companies.

The domain name market is much more than just or .com extensions these days, with a whole host of new and topical extensions available, across various different industry types, with more being added monthly.

Take a look at what we currently have to offer by visiting

Domains can be purchased and linked to hosting accounts with Aquiss or pointed towards other companies. We also offer domain name parking and DNS only services.

FREE SSLs and Monitoring

For customers who have purchased a web hosting package or domain names via Aquiss, we have introduced our new real-time SSL Certificate checking feature, which checks, validates and where possible allows for an SSL Certificate to be installed.

With Aquiss, you get FREE SSL Certificates as standard, for every single domain, with our web hosting packages. If you have not added one to your website, then give us a shout or add these by logging into

SSLs are vitality important these days and no website should be running without one, especially as the likes of Google are ranking non secure websites lower and various browsers are already warning or blocking websites that are not starting https.

If you have a website hosted elsewhere and are not been offered SSLs or being charged for through the roof for this, maybe it's time to come talk to ourselves?