Aquiss completes full network IPv6 rollout All the latest from Aquiss

Aquiss confirms that they have completed the full rollout of the IPv6 addressing standard across their entire network estate, confirming that 100% of their customers, regardless of product or service can now opt to use IPv6.

Formally Aquiss completed their IPv6 rollout back in 2015 for their broadband customers, which has been a standard included service feature ever since, however, various other services and systems, such as various legacy systems, VoIP platforms, web hosting and non-customer facing internal platforms required completing. As of February 2020, Aquiss concluded their rollout programme by enabling IPv6 to their web hosting platforms, allow customers to serve their websites both via IPv4 and IPv6.

Steve Dodd, Chief Technical Officer of Aquiss said "We started our IPv6 rollout programme back in 2013, enabling our network to support IPv6 and in turn future-proofing our customers’ broadband connections and demonstrating at the same time Aquiss’s commitment to giving customers the best broadband experience".

Steve continued "We encountered a number of challenges along the way, with a number of legacy systems unable to support IPv6 and software vendors who they themselves were behind in their development and support of IPv6"

Mr Dodd concluded "We finalised our rollout by introducing IPv6 to our web hosting platforms; allowing thousands of websites to be served via both IPv6 and IPv4 in dual stack".

Martin Pitt, Managing Director of Aquiss added "Adoption of IPv6 amongst our broadband customers has been steady and continues to grow. Our intention is to accelerate this adoption during 2020 by encouraging customers to enable support where possible."

If you're an Aquiss customer and wish to enable IPv6 on any of the services we supply you, contact our support desk via