WLR stop sell information All the latest from Aquiss

Openreach are turning off the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) in December 2025, with a full stop-sell from 2023. Ahead of this, the city of Salisbury (STSALIS exchange) has been used as a pilot site and WLR orders will be on stop-sell at a premise level there from 1st December 2020, as at that point FTTP will have been deployed to 75% of Salisbury. Existing live WLR services in Salisbury will continue to work as they do now until December 2022, when they will be withdrawn.

In the smaller location of Mildenhall (EAMIL exchange) WLR will be on stop sell from 4th May 2021, again being withdrawn from service in December 2022.

The stop sell products in these two locations are: CP transfers, working line takeovers, adding broadband to voice lines, bandwidth modify, start of stopped lines and migration to non-FTTP products. If an individual premise can order FTTP, then only FTTP will be available: if it can’t, then WLR and FTTC can still be ordered as normal.

Openreach intends to follow this initial trial with further stop sell activity at 117 FTTP Priority exchanges from 29th June 2021 and a second tranche of 51 FTTP exchanges from 5th October 2021.