Understanding Peak Usage and Off-Peak Usage

We split the week into 2 periods based when we know usage on the network is and is not taking place. This allows us to control the Quality of Service (QoS) that you receive to a very high standard. It also ensures that no customer can abuse the network by offering a "fair for all" approach.

Peak Usage Period is:
8:00am until 23:59pm (daily)

Off-Peak Usage Period is:
00:00am until 7:59am (daily)

Examples of using Off-Peak:
During the Off-Peak period, because the network is vastly more empty, we are able to provide every customer a free bonus top-up without using up your main peak monthly usage. An example of using this bonus could be to schedule Windows Updates, Sky by Broadband downloads or similar which are generally quite large. Overall more value for your money.

Bank Holiday Usage:
Bank holidays that fall on a weekday is still classed as PEAK usage. The Offpeak on bank holidays start at the normal times, 8pm for office premium users and 10pm for the home users. There is no change to the usage due to these days, it should be considered a normal day of the week.